MiLi Power Master a Battery Pack for people on the go

This summer time, going out-of-town is very common. I bet many of you who do not have office work starting tomorrow are already on the road or enjoying a well-planned reunion in the province or with some friends.

I just want to share something that would be a nice companion while on the road, when on vacation and when you are away from home. No one among us wants to run out of our celphone batteries, right?


MiLi Power Master is all you need to get your phone recharged even if you are on top of the hill. This 6.8mm thin can power up your gadget with 2000mAh. I bet this is the thinnest battery pack you will ever encounter. It works with a multipurpose USB cable that connects to the outlet and can also be connected to your iPhones or iPods.


You will just need 4 hours to fully charge the battery before you hit the road. According to Pinoy Tech Blogger, one of this will cost you Php1,890. This is a very small amount to keep you connected wherever you are. This comes along best with your new yakima rack installed on top of your vehicle.


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